Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Munki Munki

As many of you probably know, I've been collecting Prints from Heather Ross' Munki Munki Pajama line for quite awhile. Yes, it's totally a fad thing, and it reminds me of beanie babies every single time, but the prints are so cute that I can't help it. So I have finally turned all these prints into this quilt.

It took me forever to find a great pattern, A lot of people have been doing square in square types, but I wasn't caring too much for them. So I finally settled on this tutorial. I think it's perfect.

I still Have plenty more of this fabric, so you'll probably see more of it pop up in all my projects, but not in another whole quilt. However I do love the one I have.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!

Can you believe that I almost forgot I owned a blog? (Well not really..., especially with these ladies constantly telling me how long it's been since my last post) But i'm back, and maybe (but highly doubtfully) back at full force! I have excuses... really I do... like for example... did you know that my whole top row of letter keys have stopped working on my laptop? except the "P", I can type all the "P"'s I want with no problem! So the solution? Buy a wireless keyboard and be the loser with two keyboards in front of her laptop screen. That's okay though, because I can now comment on all your all's lovely blogs when I feel like it (sadly the keyboard was a good excuse for a while, now i'm just lazy...)! I know you don't care.... so on to the crafty!!!

This is my over-a-year quilt project, and I made it a full on baby quilt size! Impressive...! But really this quilt is super small maybe a yard in size (lazy much...? here is where I should walk over and measure it)?

However, I am in LOVE! All that rainbowey goodness is just too much to handle!

The back is Momo It's a Hoot owls. Love these little guys and the colors were perfect. That's probably the real reason I waited so long to quilt it... I had to wait a year for this specific fabric.

Enough Craftiness, back to me! I traveled again! The first time in almost a year! It was a week long trip through Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg. Rather than do a whole post, that you may or may not want to read, on it, I'll let you have an optional check it out Here. When I moved to Germany the top three places I wanted to see were Budapest, Vienna, and Prague. I did it! This means I need to find new top places! I should be back later this week with more awesomeness! (I spent the afternoon taking pictures!)