Friday, September 12, 2008

I'm no blogger

Okay Yes I KNOW! i'm a terrible blogger. But i'm sitting down tonight and writing a new post! YAY!!!! So i gave a sneak peek of this quilt and I have finally finished it. (who knew that being sick could make me so productive?) Here it is.... I really really like it even though it was a pain in the butt to make, but it really pops which is totally my style.

And this is a quilt i made from the Nest jellyroll that i had been eyeing ever since it "stepped foot" in the store. I'm really glad i did finally break down and buy because i adore the fabric! i used the pattern from the book Jelly Roll Quilts that is a really great book because , of course, it has a lot of pictures ( good for those who read something and think "HUH?" like i do).

Okay so thanks to all of those wonderful people out there who tell me everyday how many weeks it's been since my last post. Without you i probably would have stopped. what a shame.