Thursday, January 14, 2010


Here's what I'm wearing today. It's not at all my style, but if you make something, you have to wear it.... even if it is a skirt... and there's six inches of snow outside.

I used this tutorial, and it really was super easy. Give it a try if you find the time.

In warmer news... I made a baby blanket. Just a really simple one with adorable owls on the front and a flannel back.

But it's the ric rac that makes it so adorable if i must say so myself.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


That was a very long and unintentional blog break. The good news is that i'm back at it and should be at full force for the new year! I have several new quilt tops and blouses that i've created over the past couple of months that are ready to be photographed and shared.

But for now i'll leave you with one of my latest creations. A new wallet made out of absolutely adorable red riding hood fabric.

This one is mine, all mine.

And it holds my lack of money very nicely...