Sunday, May 31, 2009

The plus-side to being sick

I really hate being sick, but the one good thing that comes out of it is stuff like this...

I can waste my whole day crafting without anybody saying anything. So what I did accomplish was my new black and batik quilt. I love quilts with white sashing, but every once in a while I love making one of these.

I used the Jelly roll book again with one of the bali pops, and created this "log cabin disappearing star" quilt.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

It is looking up!

So first of all I must say that the hail started AFTER I got home today. Only by 5 seconds, but it didn't hit me. So how great is that after a wonderful, wonderful weekend in Munich?! I'm a little tired from all the walking we did, but it's a good tired. Jenny had mapped out all the craft shops we needed to visit. So we walked, and walked, and walked until we saw almost everything on the list, plus all the gorgeous historical buildings as well.
Here are a couple pictures I took at Marienplatz.

Don't you just the frog in the wirework?

And at the quilt shop we visited I HAD to pick up a fat quarter pack of this lovely line...

And as promised here is my most recent quilt. It's the zig zag quilt that I started a couple of weeks ago. Not only is it beautiful (like everything I make...) but it's the fastest that i've finished a quilt, EVER!!! So I have to show more pictures than usual. Also to show off the lovely antique sewing machine that sits in the living room....

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Almost looking up

Have you ever had one of those days when you know you should have just stayed in bed? Well, that was my week. Almost everything went wrong. I should have known once i hurt my finger (which now has a huge chunk of nail missing in the middle). So after a week of a sore finger, a shattered applesauce jar (Thankfully no glass in my then bare feet), mean people, and my usual brain-dead state, life started to look up again today. Jennifer surprised me with this coveted fabric. (She claims it was just scraps she won't use, but I secretly know it's just because she likes me so much!)

And, I get to leave for munich with Jenny in the morning. Although It's just a really short trip (we return monday night) I am in desperate need of it. So because life loves me so much right now.... It decided to let me end my day driving home in a hail storm....

Sorry if this post was a bummer, but I promise to be enthusiastic, upbeat, and optimistic next week. I will post a happy cheerful quilt for you that i have just finished! (binding and all.... it rarely happens) and maybe some nice pictures of Munich!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

An afternoon of firsts

Have you ever thought to yourself when someone says they had a sewing machine needle go through their finger " how the heck is that possible?" Well that's what i've always thought. But today.... it happened. I guess i should have expected it. But anyways here is a really bad picture of it. I think it only broke through my nail and part of my finger.

The thing is though, it really didn't hurt that bad. It was more of a shock than anything. So after realizing what happened i ran to the bathroom to put my finger under water. I've never been upset when i've hurt myself before. I've handled it with no problem, but for some reason i began to feel really dizzy. So i went down on my knees while still running my finger under cold water. All the while thinking about how stupid this story will be when i tell it. So the next thing i knew i was dreaming the story. It was really nice until i realized i was laying on the bathroom floor having this dream. Which means it was the first time i've ever fainted as well. I guess the two things had to happen some time, so why not have it happen in the same day, right? Sorry if i threw this story up at you. I'm still a little confused and queasy, so i'm not really thinking straight....

Now that i look at my picture, i can't really see anything worth fainting over. I've had worst. But if you can't see the damage, it's on the right side of my finger.