Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Raw Edge Circle Quilt

I feel like all i'm ever posting are quilts. It's funny because I have hardly been doing any quilting at all. I'm very much into clothing right now, although having a hard time competing with Kelly. But as it is, here is another quilt. I made this one last summer, and am only kind of "eh" about it.

I am loving these colors right now though, everything I make consists of brown, blue, green, orange, and sometimes yellow.

The tutorial I used can be found here. It's a raw edge quilt, which I like but the lazy way I quilted made the edges flip over.

For the backing I used an awesome polka dot by Jennifer Paganelli. It's miss-matched a little, but I think it works since the front is so busy.

Warm weather is finally sticking around, so hopefully I'll be willing to take some photos of my new clothes. But we'll see...