Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Love This One...

Finally finished is I think my all time favorite quilt. Just a cute little colorful log cabin baby quilt.

The inspiration came from here.
I love all the little hidden critters in the centers and strips, and the bold solid colors.

I pieced the back mainly because I had that backing fabric, but not enough.

So I used up the scraps from the quilt so it would fit.

Isn't that binding just perfect for it?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Blogs Make Me Sick...

It seems as though every time I blog about something I'm sick. So therefore my blog makes me sick... no? Anyways, at least I accomplish things when my blog makes me sick. In fact it seems like it's the only time I ever really finish anything. This time it was my jacket.

The pattern is called the Uptown Coat by Favorite things. When it came in the shop Corinnea and I were the first to grab them. I just now finished mine, and she just now finished her fourth one... she makes me feel real good about my small procrastination problem. But, anyways, here it is.

I used some charcoal colored corduroy for the outside, and the lining is my favorite print from the American Jane Recess line.

I finished it yesterday morning and have only taken it off to sleep ( put it back on as soon as I woke up), It's by far the most comfortable piece of clothing I own. Not only that, but this is the first piece of clothing I've ever finished! Motivated by this I decided to finish a blouse I had long put away... and let's just say that it will never ever see the light of day.... back to small steps.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I hate this quilt!

I really really do.....

It was one of those "everything go wrong" ones. I think it's too busy, I wish I had used a solid brown. The blocks are all different sizes, and the wrong size since my math is sooo bad!

I do like the back though.....

I thinks it's cute, but.... look closely and...

Yup! It's bad. I wasn't paying attention to the long arm tension, so it left me lovely little brown lines all along the back. And to make things worst, my machine completely screwed up on one side of the binding, so I had to do it over.... But it's done now! Oh, and the fabric line is called Mercer Street by Hoffman fabrics, I do love this line.

On a happier note.... I am now the proud new member of the pay it forward movement.

Adrienne passed it on, so now I get to make three lucky people who comment first (and have blogs) something handmade. I have 365 days to get it to you (which gives me plenty of time to learn your likes and dislikes). You commenter's will then have to do the same for three other lucky people on your blogs!