Saturday, December 10, 2011

Pink and Red

Remember this? The fabric assortment I bought forever ago while visiting in Munich? Well I finally turned it into a quilt.

Okay, I'm finally blogging the quilt, I actually made it last year.

I had to mix in some other fabrics with it since it turned out to be a fat eighth bundle and not a fat quarter bundle. The pattern is one from ohfransson and was very simple.

The Nicey Jane print on the back matched perfectly.

My sewing machine died last weekend, not even 30 minutes later I was online ordering a new one. This is the one I was using so i'm not bothering to get it fixed. I'd probably end up paying more fixing it then what I did buying it. I ordered this one. Hopefully it works! But in the meantime I'm stuck working on non sewing machine related projects like this.

** The Garland I'm working on can be found here.