Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting Ready

I've spent my weekend getting ready for this.....

So I've made these....

A few wallets (I don't have them all pictured)

I think I've finally "perfected" (which to me means "good enough to not be tacky") it... yay!

and I've put together a few more pieces of jewelry...

I made up this headband this morning and wore it all day! I love it! But the funny thing is when I walked in the shop today Lizy had already made some herself! Another "great minds think alike incident". Unfortunately I'm now thinking too much into it, and am wondering if maybe she had told me she was making them, and I had just done my smile and nod thing, while not listening.... Sorry Lizy!

And lastly I broke down today....

I've been staring at these earrings for two months now while at the register. Today they were shinier and prettier than ever.... so I bought them...

They are some of Jenny's and I love them like all her other stuff! So if you don't have something Pearlswirl then you have some explaining to do....!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Late Late...

I think that I have finally caught up on my gift making. This mini quilt is late for someone's birthday. Sorry about that. But hopefully the cuteness of it makes up for that. I had had this planned way back when I started my spider web quilt because I new you really liked them.

I used a lot my (And I think yours too) favorite fabric to add to the overwhelming cuteness of the mini. Hope you like it!

And second I have some cute little makeup bags using amy butler's stash and dash purse pattern. These are for my two cousins and aunt who found me some munki munki pj's in the states, and were sweet enough to mail them all the way to Germany for me.

So I just had to use some of the munki munki print to give back to them...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twisted Coin Quilt

It's finished! My bright and bold Kaffe Fassett quilt.

I'm almost completely positive that this is my own pattern and that i've never seen it anywhere before. If i'm wrong tell me so I can give proper credit!

I used fabrics from his cobalt color way line and paired them with a really really pretty pinkish purple kona cotton color.

I'm in loooove with it, and I think it's because it's completely different from my usual style!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fabric! and a little sewing...

I headed up to Heidelberg today for the "bazaar", but secretly the real reason I went was to see the craft shop. I've heard mixed reviews about the place and was very interested in checking it out myself. So now that I've been there I can honestly say that it was absolutely Awesome!
The fabric section was wonderful, and I truly believe it was one of the fastest hour and half time periods ever spent! So now for the loot!
I found Tula Pink's ladybugs! So I had to buy them in every colorway they had....

I found a couple of pez prints from Wee Play's Peas and Carrots line....

And NEPTUNE!!! I love it! And to think that I was jealous of Deana's Jelly roll!

And I have some good news! I'm finally at a point where I can sew again! (use up some of the fabric I bought, hopefully) And to prove it here is a little sneak peek of what i've started (and almost finished!).

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Mental Health Day

I took one of those yesterday! It was for my own sanity.... I hadn't been able to sew in what seemed like forever. My mom commissioned a chicken quilt from me a few months ago for a friend. So I started it but (probably because it wasn't for myself) set it aside to finish later. But the top is finally complete!

I just randomly cut out chickens and formed blocks around them and sewed a bunch of white sashing in between.

Not really my colors but all in all I think it's kinda cute!

All the fabric is used from the metro market and mingle lines by Robert Kaufman.