Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Long time no blog...

Okay i would first like to thank everyone who has dropped little hints as to the fact that i have not written a new blog entry in like...yes i know...forever! So here it finally is, and hopefully i will start posting things more often. I thought i would share with you my newest expensive hobby i have taken up. This first quilt is a Turning Twenty that i used our new line of fabric from K& Company with. I don't think i like it because i realized after i made it that it wasn't my style. Oh Well!

Next i have the quilt that i made for my bed. The pattern is from "Sew Hip" and i absolutely love it! Probably because it is well...my style.

Finally is the project i'm currently working on. It's the first block of four and i love how bold it is. If only the circle things weren't such a pain to make.

And YAY now nobody can say anything about me not blogging for at least a week. I hope.