Friday, April 25, 2014

Painting Class

So I was recently invited to a private art class at my local Community Arts Center by some work friends. I jumped at the opportunity and was even more excited to learn that we were going to learn to paint Van Gogh's Starry Night. Here is how it turned out:

I know, it looks nothing like the original, but I love it all the same. How the class was conducted was so neat. The artist stood at the front of the class with a finished painting and a blank canvas. Our canvases and paint pallets were ready to go, and we followed the instructor step by step. After three hours everyone's paintings were similar and different but all of us were happy.
(Cough, Cough, Wink, Wink Patch Arts and Crafts... you need to do this.)
We also were allowed to bring whatever food or beverages we wanted while listening to music.

Like I said, nothing like the original, but so much fun. I just really love the colors.

I was in the back of the class so I think my village may have turned out very different than it was supposed to.

To finish the post off, my kitty and my bunny snuggling in the warm sun. What could make you feel better than a cat and a rabbit being friends?


Saturday, March 29, 2014

The New and the Old...

story of my life...
The hardest thing about a move is attempting to rediscover who you are and try to remember who you were. I have learned this from the countless moves I have made in my short life. In every new place I meet people I never want to leave as well as people I wish would leave. I feel the same about my own persona in each place I attempt to adapt to. 
My person before moving, the one many of you knew me as, was surrounded by creativity every day. That atmosphere being the root of my creations and the existence of this blog. Almost every day I think of this blog but have yet to feel worthy of attaching my current life to it. While my excuse may seem silly or somber, it is the way I have felt for the last year or two.
Now, after that sad little rant I would like to say that I believe I have finally rediscovered myself once again. This new self is ready to reopen this very missed page, and allow those of you still reading to see me once again. But first! A picture of one of my cats...
A creepy picture of a cat that looks as though it might attack me if a dare to take another photo of her. But nevertheless, a cat.
And now, A zipper pouch.
Yup, I made that.
Not as impressive as things I've shown you before, but pretty good for now If you ask me. And what makes it even greater is the little German houses.  
More to come,
I promise this time.