Wednesday, April 15, 2009

A Couple More

I have a couple of new collages to show off. This first one I really like. It's probably because it involves the ocean which i have a strange obsession with..... Anything involving fish I adore.

And also I had this great vision to have birds on a telephone wire. It's not finished yet because I feel that it's missing something. Suggestions would be great!


Jenny P. said...

yeah, I guess the bird one could use something else on it..but what? They are both soooo cute though! Good job! Is th at newspaper print under the blue on the birds one?

corinnea said...

Nice Katelyn! Collage intimidates me. More colors or tones of blue in the background of the birds might help?? Love the concept..... more depth would be good.

Kelly's Korner said...

How cool! It's funny that you did birds on a wire, cuz I just did birds on a wire too! The only thing I have that you don't is a couple of flying birds. I think both are very cool!