Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Massive Orange and Blue Quilt

So forever ago I decided it would be a brilliant idea to make myself an orange and blue quilt. Of all colorways this one is my most favorite (for sure). I set aside a few of my favorite fabrics (mainly fishy Heather Ross fabrics) and began working on my little unaware labor of love. After completing a few blocks I thought "Hey, I should have each outer block a different fabric!" dumb idea. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find 100 different blue and orange fabrics that work well together??? Okay, you don't care... but it all worked out okay because I now have this luscious quilt.

As said each outer block is a different fabric and the size is king I think. It's Huuuuuggggeeee!

I used a wool batting for the first time, and if it wasn't so expensive I would use it in all my quilts, because it feels amazing!

I decided to go all out on the backing and bought a ton of princess and the pea fabric from Heather Ross' Far Far Away collection. So this sucker is double gauze and feels amazing!

So all in all I LOVE this quilt and have been sleeping under it every night for a couple of months now, well worth the time pain and money put into it.

And just to make a long post longer (if your anything like me you won't be reading anymore and instead just skimming the pictures) I have a little moral for everyone. I got mad today and stated "I need to take a drive" next thing I knew I was two hours away at the Heidelberg craft shop purchasing this awesome fabric.

I'm a huge Tula Pink fan and apparently felt the need for a little bit of retail therapy. So the moral is never say "I need to take a drive" because you never know what will happen.


Adrienne said...

Beautiful quilt, and gorgeous fabrics. :)

Enzo & Ashley said...

Love the quilt, saw it on flickr first. Had to go to blog to read all the detail. I too will undertake a lot & make a big quilt.

Corinnea said...

It's SO gorgeous!

So, what are you going to make from your retail therapy purchase??

pearlswirl said...

It is soooooo pretty! and must feel so nice, i can only imagine! I love the pretty heidelberg fabric as well, even though i'm so against that place and everything it stands for (ie. copying us and trying to steal our title!) By the way when are you going to put up the pictures of us in the park and me finishing the binding of my quilt?? You said (no promised) that you would and now you have to make good!!!!!!!

Kelly's Korner said...

The quilt is great! I like blue and orange too. I bet the double gauze is awesome!!!! You need to bring it in so I can feel the wool batting in it. Ummm..... so I'm sorry I missed out on work today because I MUST hear the story about the angry drive!

bellsjo said...

WOW! Your quilt is amazing. I love those colours as well.

Jennifer said...

I looooooooooooove it Katelyn!!!!! Love the colors, the fabric and I really want to feel the wool batting in use.

Josanna said...

Yay its done! It looks great. Ps...everytime I blog-stalk you its the same thing. Are you making new stuff and not posting it? Since you don't communicate on FB or email I guess I will have to talk to you here! Miss you!

Tina said...

It is a gorgeous quilt! How come I have not seen it finished ? When are you bringing it in? I want to touch it, since I am in love with wool batting.
What are you making with the Heidelberg fabric? I still have not been to that shop, so sad.

Liz Schaffner said...

LOVE the quilt & colors!
Normally I am not an orange & blue person but you just showed me how great it can look.
I can see one in pinks & greens...what pattern did you use ??
Love it!

Aunt Spicy said...

super duper in love with the orange and blue quilt...and maybe we need to get mad on the same day and take a road trip :-)

Angela said...

where can I get this pattern? I love it! orange has been my favorite since jr 20 yr high school reunion is this year....sheesh :)