Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ditty Bag and Apples

A while back Beth kindly hinted towards wanting a hot pink mermaid make-up bag. To prove that sometimes and I can be nice I made her one.

Now i'm really jealous of it. The pattern is by keyka lou and if you haven't already bought from her I highly recommend you do. Her patterns are easy to read, you can sell your finished projects, and they're cheap.

The fabric is Mendocino by Heather Ross with some basic blue polka dots. And just because I threw on a crystal and a little octopus charm.

Today my day looks a lot like this if things go well. Hot Chocolate, The Middle, and sewing up some Little Apples finally. I'll show you the finished quilt soon (as in the top part...)

Also I'm going to try really hard to start blogging again, and commenting on everyone else's posts. Sorry about being the silent stalker for the past forever. Oh, and email everyone I owe emails to!


Corinnea said...

ha ha ha you are so funny! Have you ever read the selfish seamstress?? You'd probably like her. She makes it a point to never sew for others....

In that vein, Beth should be very grateful that you
1. listened to her at all
2. sewed something with her in mind
3. gave it to her after you realized how very, very cute it is.

It is cute.
I want one too. That charm is perfect.

Have fun quilting! Can't wait to see what genius you come up with this time.

Adrienne said...

So cute!! That octopus really is perfect. I'll definitely have to check out Keyka Lou. I'm looking forward to seeing your other treasures. :)

Kelly's Korner said...

Very cool! Love the charm! Great touch!

Jennifer said...

I looove it!! which size is it? I love the charm!!

Anonymous said...

FYI the makeup bag is PERFECT!!!!That bag and my Adam Glambert octopus ( yes that's what I named him) are a daily reminder of just how awesome and talented katelyn is!:)