Thursday, May 22, 2008

Loverly Fishies

In honor of finishing my last week of classes tonight for term 4 at UMUC i decided to post my inbetween classes project. This is one of those started more than a year ago projects that never gets finished. I love to make things with fish on it so of course the bookshelf has alot... ALOT... of fish on it. So this week and next week i will bring it back out with my painting stuff and start working on it again.

Here is a close up of the pretty fishies. All of which i drew myself based on real fish from this book with like every fish in it from my snorkeling days in Okinawa.

I still haven't decided what to do on the sides of it so any help with ideas would be wonderful.


corinnea said...

What about a kelp forest?? Or a swarm of jelly fish.... do they call them a swarm? a flock?? a herd?? whatever!

Kelly's Korner said...

That is way cool!

Corinnea, do jelly fish swim in "schools" like regular fish?

Adie said...

I like Corinnea's kelp idea. Maybe, kelp at the bottom and more fishies at the top? OOh, and maybe a treasure chest nestled in with the fish?! That would be cool.

The book shelf looks awesome...But, I was wondering...if you put books on it, won't it cover up all the hard work?? That would be sad. The fish ARE great.

Jenny P. said...

I lived in Okinawa too!!! Did I already tell you that? Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence, Pete fell off and who was left?