Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nothing Clever in This Post

But I do have some awesome photos to show off!

I took a trip last weekend to visit my good friend Jenny who is lucky enough to be attending the university in Edinburgh, Scotland. I had the most amazing time and have to show off some of the amazing things I saw.

First up are the ruins of St Anthony's Chapel. That's all I know about it, but it sure was a pretty place for our picnic!

Next is the beautiful castle. Being cheap/broke college students we opted not to go inside for the full tour, but it was still fun to see!

And here's a street view of the castle...

And the super cool telephone booths up against the castle... I love them!

Next is just an the amazing view of the city while watching the sun go down (and freezing our butts off...)

And finally just a necessary snapshot of the two of us. (I made Jenny take the picture because I only ever manage to get one person in the photos with my skill.)

I'll be back soon to show the cute bag I finished in time to take on the trip.


pearlswirl said...

What an awesome trip!!! love all the pictures, except obviously the last one, where i look like a man. Yuchk.

When are you coming back?????????? My room is so lonely without you!

KD Designs said...

How fun!!! It's so neat that you got to go there and hang out together!

corinnea said...

Great trip! Glad you guys had fun!

One day I'll make it to Scotland.....

Adrienne said...

How fun! I'm glad you got to go!

Jennifer said...

you don't look like a man jenny! the picture is cute of both of you. I'm so happy you had an awesome barfing time Katelyn:)