Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Self Stitched September (day 1)

Okay, so while i'm not a "real" participant in the Self Stitched September (mainly because who has time to read rules and fill out questiony things...?) I thought i'd still do it and try to post my stuff everyday this month that i'm wearing. Sadly, today, I wasn't thinking to take pictures until I got home tonight close to 11:00. So this is the best I could do...

(I swear that's the camera angle and wrinkles and not just my huge looking belly...)

It's the schoolhouse tunic I blogged about a couple of posts ago out of the Little Folks voile. Therefore i don't feel so bad for posting an awful photo of it. I did think to lay out a quilt though! That should get bonus points, because it means you don't have to see my thread, bead, and glitter covered pink rug!

P.S. I found my solution to the lamp posted below...! here is how the discovery went.

Me: I made this adorable lamp a couple of months ago, but look... I messed up and it's upside down and unusable.

Mom: let me see... (looks at it)... Katelyn, that's no problem at all. (unscrews light bulb, puts lamp shade on, screws light bulb back in.) see!

Me: (blushing) I feel stupid. And thankful to be living in a world full of brilliant people who can fix these things for me.

So now the lampshade no longer falls off the bulb while sitting on it, and alice is standing up right. Who could have known that lamps really work that way?


corinnea said...

Love your tunic!

You have a smart mom! Tell her hi for me.

Kelly's Korner said...

I'm glad you're going to do this madness with me! If we get bored with our own outfits I guess we could swap! :)

OMG your mom is a genius. I didn't even THINK, hey that lamp shade is straight, flip it over. DUH! Yay Mom!

Adrienne said...

Score one point for Mom! And I still love the tunic.

Jennifer said...

Really funny about the lamp! It's saved!!! And of coruse I love the tunic:0