Sunday, September 5, 2010

Day 5

Today I wore my Amy Butler Liverpool tunic made out of Denyse Schmidt's Hope Valley. These pictures aren't from today but rather a few weeks back by Jenny .

And the back...

But I switched it up a little today and wore it with these...

And since I got my jewelry all put back away I thought I would show you how I store it and all my headbands.

My brother and sister-in-law gave me a dress form necklace holder covered in butterfly's, and since they're not my thing I decoupaged it in some paper Jenny brought me from Scotland.

I decoupaged and hooked an Ikea mirror for my necklaces...

and combined some Ikea frames lined with tulle for my earrings. I'm a little shamed to show how many pairs I own.

And finally, I've started an online photography class through school and here are a couple of my favorite shots while wandering through the front yard.

I'm off to Switzerland tomorrow to see a castle my family owned a long, long, long time ago, so hopefully I'll be back with pictures and a story to share!


Mary A. said...

I love that you're posting so much latey =)

You looked super cute in your dress today, loved it. Your photography is really good to. The last one with your car is really cool. You're going to get an A in that class.

Have fun in Switzerland!

corinnea said...

Love your jewelry set up.

Awesome photos, have fun with the class!

Can't wait to see Switzerland photos!

lizy said...

You look lovely darlin in your pink dress!!!! your photos look great A++ for you. You are so creative with the decopodge and ikea frames. Love it!

Jennifer said...

so how did the castle look? I love your jewelry set up! And I love that tunic on oyu!