Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting Back on My Feet

Wow. So after feeling like I've been punched in the stomach and knocked down, I'm finally on my way to recovering and getting back up. Sorry if it seemed as if I'd fallen off the face of the earth but I think I may be back more often again! I won't bore you with the silly details of my currently drama filled life, but instead bore you with the drama of my ancestors life! Yay...! So, in my last post I mentioned my family once owning a castle, and today I'm here with proof.

Once upon a time, in land far away (well not too far from me now) there lived a happy swiss family in a happy castle. These happy people called themselves a swiss translation for "bird of prey". A good name for my old family, very intimidating and superior (like me...!). well, these happy intimidating superior people mistreated there peasants who worked very hard for them. Sadly the peasants grew tired of being mistreated and decided to revolt against the poor birds of prey kicking them out of the castle. This made the happy, intimidating, superior, and now poor people very sad. So in an act of desperation the "birds of prey" decided to change there once intimidating name to the very peaceful "peacock"! Yay! With this new name they confronted there once peasants and asked if they would once again work very hard and let the peacocks have there castle back. Sadly the peasants thought this was a bad idea and sent my dear ancestors packing. Filled with shame, desperation, and a keen sense of adventure they soon left for the great America and many many many years later had me. yay again! Because, since they had me, I was able to go to this now crumbling castle of mine to take pictures to share with you. (Are you still reading? because if this was anyone else's story i'd be long zoned out!) So to spare you, on to the pictures!

Welcome to my castle!

This takes you to my staircase...

This is my staircase!

I don't really know what this is, but I shall call it mine!

And finally my view...

Sorry I have no crafty things to post this time, But next time I'll be sure to show something handmade!


corinnea said...

You have a very beautiful castle! Thanks for your kind benevolence in allowing us to see your lovely view.

Nice to see you here again. I've missed you!

I really hope you are having some fun....???

Adrienne said...

That is seriously cool, not only to know that your family once owned a castle, but to actually be able to go and see it!!!

I'm not sure what you're recovering from, but I'm glad it's getting better, it's good to see you in Blogland again!

Jennifer said...

holy crap that was funny! and so cool to see. You are very lucky to know some history about your family. So are you blue blooded? Princess Katelyn! Did you say what the castle is called?

Mary A. said...

Queen Katelyn,

Finally a post!!!!!! Your story cracked me up, and I love the pictures. Normally words bore me and I skip right to the pictures, but yours didn't. It's no surprise you majoring in English =) I'm sooooo excited that your working on Friday now =) I can't decide what to eat =)