Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm Baaaaack!

Can you believe that I almost forgot I owned a blog? (Well not really..., especially with these ladies constantly telling me how long it's been since my last post) But i'm back, and maybe (but highly doubtfully) back at full force! I have excuses... really I do... like for example... did you know that my whole top row of letter keys have stopped working on my laptop? except the "P", I can type all the "P"'s I want with no problem! So the solution? Buy a wireless keyboard and be the loser with two keyboards in front of her laptop screen. That's okay though, because I can now comment on all your all's lovely blogs when I feel like it (sadly the keyboard was a good excuse for a while, now i'm just lazy...)! I know you don't care.... so on to the crafty!!!

This is my over-a-year quilt project, and I made it a full on baby quilt size! Impressive...! But really this quilt is super small maybe a yard in size (lazy much...? here is where I should walk over and measure it)?

However, I am in LOVE! All that rainbowey goodness is just too much to handle!

The back is Momo It's a Hoot owls. Love these little guys and the colors were perfect. That's probably the real reason I waited so long to quilt it... I had to wait a year for this specific fabric.

Enough Craftiness, back to me! I traveled again! The first time in almost a year! It was a week long trip through Budapest, Vienna, and Salzburg. Rather than do a whole post, that you may or may not want to read, on it, I'll let you have an optional check it out Here. When I moved to Germany the top three places I wanted to see were Budapest, Vienna, and Prague. I did it! This means I need to find new top places! I should be back later this week with more awesomeness! (I spent the afternoon taking pictures!)


Adrienne said...

Gorgeous quilt!

And just for the record, I also have a wireless keyboard, but not because there's anything wrong with my laptop keyboard. I just prefer to use a regular, full-size keyboard. :)

pearlswirl said...

AHHH it's soooo pretty! AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! you must be so busy but still making gorgeous things! I WANT TO TRAVEL WITH YOU THIS SUMMER!!!

ALso, i'm coming back for spring break if you want me! will write you an email! :)

TheBlackForrist said...

holy mackerel is BEAUTIFUL! Budapest was also on my list... never made it =[ lovely to see you pics though, thanks for sharing!

Corinnea said...

Nice to see you again!

Beautiful quilt! As usual!

Do all the traveling you can.

Kelly's Korner said...

yeah! You're back! You have a lot of clothing posts to catch up on... :) The quilt is fun!

Jessica said...

Beautiful quilt I love that pattern and you picked the perfect fabrics!

Nina... said...

Beautiful quilt!!

Jennifer said...

oh my! this is gorgeous! like skittles!!

Enzo & Ashley said...

Love this one too!