Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Little Things

I've been making a lot of little things lately (as in the past year) all of which I haven't shown off. So this post is dedicated to the little things. First off is my camera strap, blue polka dots, animal ribbon, and a ruffle. What could possibly feel better than taking pictures with this around your neck. I found a free tutorial on line for it here but there are many other great ones out there as well.

After seeing these pillows I had to make me one. I already had the focal fabric so it was just a matter of spending the time. I love how it turned out and it really brightens up a room!

And the back, a little katie jump rope.

Have you seen this shop? She sells the best and cutest patterns. I made this camera wristlet from one, and it has been the handiest little thing ever.

I used a linen blend red riding hood fabric from kokka (i think) and it fits my little camera perfectly. And the best part... it matches my wallet! I really love this fabric... I think I need it in the other colorways.

And finally... I've started something I've been wanting to do for a really really long time. Here's a little sneak peek.


Kelly's Korner said...

Great stuff Katelyn! Why haven't I seen that camera strap? That's so cool! And the table is going to be AWESOME! I love the design you're doing!

Corinnea said...

So glad you've been able to do little things.... very pretty little things I might add. The mosaic is going to be amazing!

Tina said...

I like the camera bag, and the pillow. I know you like the pom-pom ruffle ( grin ).
Are you doing stained glass. It looks cool.

pearlswirl said...

Everything EVERYTHING is so adorable! Is that the mosaic table you've been talking about for centuries! AHHh so satisfying to finally tackle projects you/re storing up in your filofax brain! My favorite is definitely the pillow. GORGEOUS.

Jennifer said...

I love the strap Katelyn! And the pillow and you know I love the camera bag! Love the pillow...i need to use my fabric like this.