Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mary's Quilt

Mary! Your quilt is done... and in only a year! For those of you who don't know Mary look here. Mary, you really should get your own blog one day...! Anyway, my friend Mary needed a quilt... she is cold, and cold people need quilts. That's why I have so many... sorry to everyone i've forced to turn off the fans over the years. Especially you Jennifer. I really should stop blogging if I can't get to the point, or the pictures. So here is the first one.

Point 1: Mary likes pink and green.

Point 2: Katelyn likes lots of animals and critters (gnomes count).

Point 3: Happy compromise. (I had to enjoy making it)

Point 4: We have an awesome quilt.

Point 5: Another back shot because I pieced it.

Take a look at the quilting on this.

It was a pain in my butt because I actually spent time on it, and my back was killing by the end of it. But it was completely worth it. In point 1 you can see the little flower that I put between each of the blocks too. So Mary I hope you like your quilt, and I hope I chose a really good day to give it to you.


Kelly's Korner said...

How fun!!! I love those wonky blocks! Great fabric choices too!

pearlswirl said...

Wait did you make this as a gift for her? Or did you make it together? Was it a secret??? It is soooo beautiful! Well done! In case you were wondering... I am also a person that often gets cold... :D

Adrienne said...

Love it! How did you make the blocks all wonky?? That is so cool! Miss Mary is a lucky ducky. :)

Also, yes. Mary needs a blog.

Jennifer said...

looooove it! And if anyone deserves a big huge lovely gift it's Mary!! really cute Katelyn.

Mary said...

I really should check everyone's blogs more often!

I wish everyone could see it for real, it's soooooo pretty and soooo me. I love love love it.

I feel soooo lucky to have such amazing friends with amazing skills =)

Corinnea said...

Oh, it's a perfect blend of Mary and Katelyn! Nicely done. What a fun thing to give and receive! Your quilting is super Katelyn!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Really beautiful ! No wonder she loves it .