Monday, April 16, 2012

I have a blog?

I have been so incredibly busy lately that I forgot all about this little bit of my life. And to bore you I'm going to let you in on all the little things I've been doing. Since January I've completed 18 credit hours worth of school, leaving me with just five measly classes before I graduate. I've been to:

Barcelona, Spain
Ibiza, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Porto, Portugal
Dublin, Ireland
Rome, Italy

I went to the Rose Parade in Cologne, Germany. and a Prime Circle, Seether, and 3 Doors Down concert in Karlsruhe, Germany (I won it on the radio, who ever would have thought I'd have the guts to call in). And I'm not even done yet, next month I'll go to Istanbul, Turkey, Paris and London, and will complete 6 more credit hours of school. I'm so tired!

So this is my excuse for not blogging or crafting. In all honesty I haven't turned on my sewing machine in a good 2 months. For shame, right? But since this is a crafty blog and not a ranting blog I'll leave you with a quilt I made last summer.

I used Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow...

and I think the pattern is out of the book "Scrap Basket Quilts", but i'm not sure.

No promises I'll be back here any time soon, but you never know!


kms handmade said...

I'm glad you got through so many classes! Congrats! And those are awesome places to travel!

Corinnea said...

You have been busy! Well done on the classes.
Love the quilt!

Jennifer said...

Love the quilt!!! And holy cow you have been traveling!! Good for you:) Miss seeing you around.