Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Trip

So for my mom's birthday present, my dad sent the two of us on a bus tour through Italy. Bus tour? yeah, it was almost as awful as it sounds, except for the fact that it was italy! Long hours on the crowded bus led us to beautiful places such as...






and Florence.

And on this whole trip I only bought Two things!!! Yay me! First is this lovely Murano glass pendant, I had to buy it because of the tree,

And second was this really fun bright plate. I'm in love with it.

And in case that bored you (I tried to keep it short) Here is the progress on my orange and blue X quilt,

And there is another color way following close behind!


pearlswirl said...

How could trip photos bore us?!?! Ok, maybe it's just me who gets super excited by things like this, but i'm definitely not bored. I love your classic blue and orange but OH MY the pink and green. OH MY. OH MY. LOVE. BTW. My word verification thing is 'stroo'. HAHA!

pearlswirl said...

P.S. Was I right? Did you absolutely love Rome?!

One Flew Over said...

Oh to be back in Europe!! The little tree is perfect!

corinnea said...

Your travel pictures are lovely. Just like your quilts.

Jennifer said...

I can't believe how much you saw! I'm happy you both had a nice time (I'm assuming) and your dad is awesome! The quilts...always soooo cool what you do! Except for batiks...:)

TheBlackForrist said...

oooh, Florence, great pic! I really really love the X quilt... if I were to make a quilt I would want to make one just like it!