Thursday, April 1, 2010

Alot of Birdies

Before I begin, a big ole thanks to Jennifer who took all these pictures for me. I lost my camera for a whole week, but I found it again, and in a very obvious place too...

First up are a couple of Birdie Slings I made from the Amy Butler pattern. I really love this purse...(which might be why I've made four). The first one is out of the super cute matryoshka fabric that Jennifer gave to me forever ago.

Matched with green stars and Anna Maria Horner polka dots, its my bag of envy.

The brooch is a hand knit one that I found while in Edinburgh and immediately fell in love with.

My second birdie sling is made out of Tula Pink birdies. Just for fun... and apparently because I felt deprived of bags.

I borrowed the handle idea from Jenny's bag, although I don't think she showed any of the tape measure.

Finally in case you didn't see them on Jennifer's blog, we made some spool sewing birds for the shop .

They were really hard to photograph, but look really cute hanging up.

And mind you, I could have fallen and died while trying to hang them, so they better be appreciated.

I'm heading off to Berlin tomorrow! So I should have a lot of lovely photos to show off when I get back!


corinnea said...

Have fun in Berlin! You and Daphne better be good.... I mean it.

Purses, cute as usual.

Birds, cute and even more so since you nearly died.

lizy said...

They are cute cute cute!!! but you already know that because I already told ya :)

Have a great time in BERLIN!

KD Designs said...

Oh yes, that top bag is definitely a bag of envy! Love your bags! Love the birds! Have fun in Berlin!

TheBlackForrist said...

mmm, love the bags. and the knit pin, adorable! hope Berlin is wonderful!

Katie said...

So funny, I just made this bag a few weeks ago. I have had people stop me at stores to ask where I got it...My sisters and friends have put in their orders. Maybe I'll cut out some more later this week.

I like that you added the snap closure

Angela Walters said...

All the bags are so cute. I especially like the tape measure, super cute!